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Gree U-Crown WM Type Air Conditioner R32

Gree U-Crown WM Type AC R32


Gree U-Crown Inverter Air conditioner offers you elegant design that conceals innovative technology and ensures cold and heating capacity
Range is available in 12,000btu & 18,000btu capacity.






U-Crown II

Metal wiredrawing appearance, two-stage compression, 1Hz inverter technology, IFD dedusting technology. High-quality metal wiredrawing and aluminium alloy case, elegant U-shaped body and dustproof seamless design.

Two-stage compressor for supercooling and heating in ambient temperature -30℃~54℃.

Gree two-stage compressor can heat normally and cool normally under extreme temperature without increasing power consumption. Air outlet temperature can reach 50℃ in ambient temperature -20℃ and 13℃ in ambient temperature 50℃ respectively.

1Hz inverter technology; constant temperature operation; power input as low as 15W

Gree 1Hz inverter technology won China National Science & Technology Progress Award. The unit can achieve constant temperature operation, with power input as low as 15W. *Note: 15w means the minimum power for 9000btu, 12000btu and 18000btu models to operate stably at 1Hz under ideal conditions.

Other Features

Can be control via wifi

Additional information


12,000, 18,000


Silver, Champagne

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