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Gree GMV6 Heat Recovery (HR)

Gree GMV6 Heat Recovery (HR)

GREE GMV6 HR  can realize “cooling, heating, water heating” at the same time and provide comprehensive solutions for the multiple demands for ultimate energy-efficient air conditioning and heating systems.



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Gree GMV6 Heat Recovery (HR)

GMV 6 HR Series integrates multiple functions of cooling, heating, water heating, floor heating and heat supply, featuring powerful functions and convenient operation.

The units adopt multiple leading technologies such as

  • High-Efficiency Enthalpy Adding System
  • CAN+ Communication Technology
  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Intelligent Control Technology
  • Healthy Fresh Air Solution

Gree GMV6 HR can achieve a wide operation range of -25℃~55℃, which can be applicable for homes, villas, offices, business centers and all types of commercial premises.

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