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Gree GMV5 Multi VRF Mini Unit

GREE GMV5 Multi VRF Mini Outdoor Unit

Outdoor units GMV series MINI are two-tube devices intended for non-modular operation. The GMV5 Mini system has been designed for small commercial buildings.






GMV5 Gree Multi Variable Mini Outdoor Unit has the maximum cooling capacity of the systems is 16 kW with 9 internal units allowed.

These small dimensions of the device are characterized by both modern construction and a multitude of functions and operating modes.

The dimension of the unit 998x458x1515 adopts small and compact design.

Thanks to the wide selection of indoor units, these systems work well in virtually any investment. The advantages of GMV5 Mini systems are wide control options. A characteristic feature is also low power consumption while maintaining efficient and effective work, thus guaranteeing full comfort at low cost of use. New generation GMV5 Gree Multi Variable Mini Outdoor Unit known for its compact design. In addition to that low operation noise and simple installation with wide variety of indoor units is suitable. This model  is ideal for small residential as well as commercial applications.

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